Notable Projects

Pass through Pre-treatment Washer


Company / Location: Matco Tools - Stow Ohio

Scope: Remove old washer and install new seven stage washer. Rework existing conveyor system

System Design and Integrated Dip Tank

Evco Industrial Finishing System Conveyor dip tank System integration

Company / Location: Mantua Manufacturing

Scope: Consult directly with new building design team to layout and install dual conveyor systems that include a dip tank, oven, assembly and boxing stations.

Indexing Booth


Company / Location: Everyday Technologies / Sidney Ohio

Scope: Install new system to include indexing powder booth, conveyor and oven.

Retrofit Installation and Design Consulting


Company / Location: Tendon Manufacturing

Scope: Rework of oven booth and system integration layout

Accomplished: Saved client over 50% in gas usage. Increase throughput capability

Featured Testimonial

Matco Tools - Seven Stage Washer

John Schneider - Global Sourcing Manager

"The short version is that we have no hesitation in working with Steve Eva on any project. As we move forward on other major improvements, we will reach out to Steve. He executes on schedule, on budget, and drives to completion.

The long version is that our plant is located in New York and I am located in Ohio. Our plant brought Steve’s name to me, as they wanted to implement a major project that would interrupt production (i.e. we had to shut the plant down for a week). I did not know Steve at all and had concerns that he could actually make this happen.  We visited the factory that was manufacturing a major component. We visited two businesses who had worked with Steve on other similar projects that required a plant shut down. We had a choice of two times during the year that we could shut the plant down for a week to implement.  We could shut the plant down during the December holiday season or during the 4th of July week. We chose the 4th of July week. That meant we were already within stated lead time. I was concerned he could make this happen in the shortened time frame. He told me that he had no concerns that it could happen from his side. He told me the plant will occasionally see delays due to failing to execute properly on their side. That was great advice. As you think about it, the plant does not do this every day. Steve does it every day. Our plant met internally multiple times and we made sure all local licensing was acquired as needed, any special order piping was in place, even down to who will turn off the gas and turn it back on. We made sure the details were reviewed and executed timely. In summary, we made it happen, on time, on budget, with great quality. We were under a time crunch as the stated 14 week lead time clock had already started. We needed to reduce the lead time to make it happen.

As a side note, Steve looked very familiar to me throughout the process, but, I still did not know why. It turns out Steve lives in my community and is the Musical Director of a local Community Studio Orchestra, which I had attended. That group has many World Class musicians, from the Cleveland Orchestra, as participants. You can imagine how difficult it is to get all of those world class musicians to march to the same beat, the same schedules, and pull off those events. When I found out that Steve was conductor, I felt much better about our project coming off on time.  He not only project manages during the day, he does it as a hobby.

I still remember that the first two weeks of the 14 week project, I was Sourcing products in Asia and concerned about the progress on the home front.  Steve kept me updated on the progress. Our front line execution team, at the plant, is looking to Steve again on other projects under consideration."